Mov'in Europe is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network started in 2014, running a multi-format campaign promoting various mobility opportunities to young people, students, and young graduate




  • Promote mobility as a lifestyle.
  • Provide better information on mobility opportunities for young people, students and young graduate.

Mov'in Europe Coordinators Meeting

The Mov'in Europe Coordinators Meeting (MECM) is an international meeting for Mov'in Europe Coordinators from all ESN countries.


The aim of the MECM is to provide all Mov'in Europe Coordinators within the network the opportunity to meet, get to know each other and to exchange function related experiences. Additionally, the meeting provides a fertile foundation for discussion among participants, regarding a variaty of topics ranging from local practices to international strategy and project definition.


During the plenaries and panel discussions participants are encouraged to share their ideas, inspire others with the most innovative projects from their countries and sections, and share views on voluntary activities and their impact on international students. They can also compare differences between countries what can be inspiring for the future development.


Apart from the spreading of ideas, the actual acquisition of skills is important too. The meeting is filled with interactive and diverse workshops in order to make sure that the participants take full advantage of their attendance of the event. Workshops range from improving presentation skills, increasing the quality of activities to partnership management and visual identity.


A final key concept embedded in the MECM is the exceptional motivational boost the participants get. By being surrounded by so many different coordinators, in depth discussing the project, and sharing with one another leaves the participants with an air of challenging oneself to go out, and further spread the knowledge they acquired during the meeting.




Mov'in Europe in Serbia


Since the beginnings of the Mov'in Europe project and its activities, ESN Serbia is actively involved in its implementation, which includes mobilising international students and local ESN members to different activities:
  • Promoting mobility as a lifestyle;
  • Participating in different education fairs and other youth events;
  • Visiting faculties and delivering lectures on the impact of student mobility for a welfare of an individual;
  • Motivating local students for undertaking the student mobility by organising different mobility conferences and events;
  • Organising Erasmus+ Chat project, with support of our partner - EU Info Centre;
  • And many other interesting activities which connect foreign students and local ESN members with the local community.

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