It goes without saying that what we do and how we choose to do it - matters. Who we follow, who we like and who we support are some of the factors that are seemingly now, more important than ever. With this in mind, and with responsibility and accountability in the center of our focus, we've decided to see just how we can better ourselves, by supporting others trying to better the world. Last semester, we had a campaign on social media which heavily focused on supporting businesses that support others. Having persevered, even during a year which made a lot of people think only of themselves out of fear, we are proud to have learned about these people and embraced them and what they stand for. To cut the long story short let's see the list of inclusive places in Belgrade that you can support:


Bagel Бејгл is a store that has been fighting for rights for victims of human trafficking since 2014. Besides a place where you can find a variety of pastry dishes and bagels, this store donates all of its profit to programs dedicated to enabling a better life for victims of human trafficking. For more information about them and on how you can can buy their delicious bagels, you can visit their shop website, by visiting their shop (Knez Danilova 39) or buy their food using the Wolt app.


Zvuci Srca is a project initiated by the humanitarian organization "Children's Heart" with the goal of training and employing people with disabilities. Café Zvuci Srca is specific in that that there is no price menu in it, but everyone leaves as much money as they want, as well as the fact that there is a store next door which sells products (tote bags, shirts, etc) designed by young people with disabilities. They are located at Čuburska 12 (Vracar).


Lice Ulice is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting marginalized groups in our society, from people with mental and physical disabilities to former drug users and homeless people. Acting as an independent fund, and on the principle of social entrepreneurship, they have been actively contributing to the social and economic inclusion of members of vulnerable groups since 2010. You can support Lice Ulice by buying their magazine or directly through their website. You'll easily recognize faces of Lice Ulice because of their recognizible blue uniforms and smiling faces.


Prajd Info Centar was founded in 2018. Pride Info Center is an open space in the center of Belgrade, which with its visibility contributes to better informing citizens about the problems faced by members of the LGBT+ community. What is especially important is that in the space of the Pride Info Center, various activities are performed every day that spread awareness about the presence of the LGBT + community and indicate aspects of its social and cultural activities in Serbia. Pride Info Center is located at 20 Kralja Milana Street and is waiting for you!


Café bar 16  is a social enterprise in which young people from the Drop in shelter acquire skills, work practice, earn money and in that way become independent. This place helps them gain self-confidence and learn other life skills. All employees of Café Bar 16 have successfully completed the training for waiters and bartenders. Today, they have regular income, health insurance and all the benefits that formal employment provides. Café Bar 16 was founded by the Center for Youth Integration, so that children who leave Drop in shelter when they turn 16 would not be left to fend for themselves again. Drop in shelter has been working with children aged 5 to 15 who live and work on the street for 16 years. These children mostly live in informal settlements in Belgrade, in extreme poverty - without electricity, water, in cardboard houses. In addition to being a place to have fun and learn, Café Bar 16 is a haven and workplace for over 40 young people living in extreme poverty. Every month on the 16th, the Café Bar collects funds for personal hygiene and other necessities, which it later forwards to Drop in shelter.


Pizza Laganizza employs displaced people from the former Yugoslavia, as well as refugees and migrants from third countries who have acquired the right to work in Serbia, and at the same time undergo the necessary training to work in a pizzeria. The project was jointly implemented by the UN Commissariat for Refugees and the Balkan Center for Migration. They offer all kinds off dishes, including vegeterian choices. Pizza Laganizza is located at Cetinjska 15, and they also deliver through online websites.


Furuna is a Lebanese bakery where you can try over 10 types of manaish, or a dozen combinations with various additives. The offer includes meat, vegetarian and even vegan manaishes. Also, Furuna's manaish bring us some Arabic flavors that we thought we knew well, but now they arrive in a completely new way, straight from the oven. Their location is Beogradska 50, and they also deliver online via the Donesi app.


"KOZAN" is a small Syrian food restaurant owned by two brothers with a big heart - Rawaha and Lamak Khuder. Saki and Laki, as their friends call them, left their hometown of Hama (a city in the center of Syria), twenty years ago, to come to Serbia and Belgrade (with which they have always been connected) as medical children and enroll in medical studies at Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. They are located in two locations - 27. Marta, 36a Store 5 and on Ada, and you can also order their products via Wolt app.

Miloš Dimitrijević