Last Sunday, on the 17th of November, we spent the whole day traveling across Serbia, to get to the well-known fortress of Golubac. 

Early in the morning, a bus picked us up at the train station and we headed to Belgrade to pick up the rest of the Erasmus students, from Belgrade and Niš. 

Our second stop was the ancient Roman city of Viminacium. There we attended a guided tour throughout the Roman remains, accompanied by an awesome Serbian guide who very kindly explained every single interesting and historical fact about the place. We could see the baths and the graves. Even the corridors, which were built below the graves, still had the art from the time when it was painted. Afterwards, we had the privilege of seeing the remains of one of the last surviving mammoths in history. 

Not only the amazing things we saw there but also the company of the rest of the Erasmus people, the ones we already knew and the ones we met that day, made it so enjoyable, fun and interesting.

Our third stop was the Golubac fortress, where we could enjoy the incredible view of the castle.  After that, we were shown a very explicative and clear documental of the place. And there was a guide who gave us even more facts about all of it. 

Afterwards, we had free time so that we could take amazing pictures of the Silver Lake, across which there was Romania, which was amazingly shocking to see. During that free time, we could also take a walk around the fortress and see the exhibition that they had. 

We later took the bus again to a nearby restaurant, just next to the Silver Lake, where we finally got to eat and enjoy great Serbian gastronomy (We had all been waiting for this moment during the whole day, let's be honest). We were offered a great plate full of grilled meat, with cabbage and mashed potatoes on the side. It was very good for being also free (as was the whole day trip).

After lunch, we had some more free time, which we used to go to the lake, take pictures and take advantage of the closeness of nature back there. We later took the bus back home. 

It was an incredible and amazing day. I met lots of great people and had fun as I hadn't had it since a long time ago. I had the chance to discover a new place, new interesting and curious facts and, overall, make new unforgettable friends!

And you know what is even better? It was all for free! I could not be more grateful to the ESN for providing us with such a great opportunity and giving us the chance to have such an incredible experience!

Noelia Carmona (Spain)