EU Info Centre


EU Info Centre provides citizens of the Republic of Serbia about EU-related issues, assistance in finding information and guidance on access to European Union programmes and funds, and it also gives them the opportunity to attend various trainings.

The EU Info Centre has offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, and besides the informative activities, they deal with the organisation of stands, workshops, cultural events and many other acitivities, with the aim of bringing the European Union closer to the citizens of Serbia and showing them the European values.


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University of Belgrade



The University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest public university in Serbia.It consists of 31 faculties with around 90,000 students,as well as 11 research institutes, the university library, and 7 university centres.


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International Center of Professional Studies (ICEPS)

International Center of Professional Studies (ICEPS) was founded back in 2005, but in 2017 it underwent radical changes to modernise and move closer to current developments in education, health, and economy. Today, the college is dominant in medical and healthcare field.

ICEPS has its units in 5 different cities in Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Leskovac, Kraljevo and Vršac, but strives to expand to other cities and to develop new study programmes from other fields, too. All study programs are currently conducted only in Serbian language, while Bachelor Nursing program is also conducted in English and open for admission starting from the academic year 2022/2023.

The college has more than 50 cooperation agreements signed with the most prestigious health institutions across the country where students complete their professional practice during studies. ICEPS applied for the Erasmus Charter in Higher Education and is expected to welcome its first exchange students through Erasmus+ programme during the 2023. 

ICEPS is devoted to bringing quality and excellence and so it collaborates with eminent professionals in their fields of expertise who are teachers and associates at the college. They give the best knowledge transfer to students based on their broad education and everyday experience.

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