Welcome to Serbia !

Welcome to Serbia - the land of warm, welcoming and friendly people!

If you still haven’t made a decision on studying in our country, but would like to know more about which programmes at Serbian universities are available in English or other foreign languages, visit the Study in Serbia website. Besides the information about study programs, you can find more information about everyday life in Serbia.

Once you have decided to come to our country, members of the Erasmus Student Network Serbia are at your disposal to give you all the information you need and redirect you to the person in charge for any query you might have.


What do you have to do?


Find a local ESN section of your host university and contact them for all the practical tips and pieces of information you might need.


Also, you can request a Buddy - a local student which is volunteering in the local section, which will be in charge for providing all the relevant information to you. Note that, depending on the ESN country, the Buddies are marked as “Student Mentors” or “Tandem Partners”. As far as Serbia is concerned, we are using the most widespread term “Buddy”. Having a personal Buddy is the best way to integrate into the local community at the beginning of your stay in a new country.


But that is not all...


Besides having a buddy to support you during your stay in Serbia, you can also enjoy various discounts by getting an ESNcard. Our international, national and local partners are there to provide you with products and services at very affordable prices. Contact the local ESN section for more information on how to get the benefits of the ESNcard.