We might be a bit late for the OG spring parade, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have just enough time to up your Instagram game and show your followers friends what it means to spend a spring in Serbia.


To help you along the way, our top team of Pinterest enthusiasts created this unique checklist for a photo challenge. To successfully participate in the challenge, all you gotta do is show your own perspective of a spring Erasmus experience in Serbia. Don’t forget to tag us @esn.serbia or use the hashtag #MySerbianSpring for a chance to be featured on our social media channels.


Checklists might sound dull, but we’re hoping this will help you appreciate your Erasmus+ experience and also have an entire collection of photos to look back on and remember this unique time in your life. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


1. Favourite kafana

You can’t call yourself a proper Serbian if you haven’t been to a kafana yet. The traditional restaurant type is an integral part of Serbian culture (not to mention a lot of fun) and going to one in the evening to be surrounded by loud music, intoxicating atmosphere and jolly people sharing stories over rakija. Show how this looks to a person who most likely never heard of this phenomena before.


2. A Serbian dish I like

Name a better duo than burek and yoghurt. Seriously, find a dish you like more than this dynamic duo and don’t hesitate to explain why this dish gets your mouth watering.


3. Spot that marks my Erasmus

A cafe. A room. A spot on the city beach or on the fortress. We all have that one special spot in each city we claim as our own that makes us feel happy, safe and nostalgic. Show us yours.


4. Bloom in my Erasmus city
You can’t have a spring challenge  without some colourful flowers, duh.


5. Self-portrait

This is perhaps the most important photo you will take and then one day look back to and be absolutely horrified at your fashion and hair choices (bangs?! What was i thinking?!). Mark who you are at the moment.


6. A person I met on Erasmus

The best part about going on student mobility is meeting all kinds of people of different nationalities and different walks of life.


7. ANOTHER city I visited
(we don’t expect you to take an excursion, so we accept new #tbt posts)

Travel is the only thing you pay that makes your life richer.



8. Most local thing I did is...

Had boza in Carigrad? Wait what? Whether it’s a word locals use, a special hidden place or a tradition each city has its own little local quirks which make it special.


9. Mindfulness

Show how you slow down and appreciate your exchange period.


10. Nature adventure (picnic time!)

Two words: Labor Day. Let’s face it, there is no household in Serbia which will not take a day off for May 1st and chill in the nature while grilling some ćevapčići (we also dare you to say this word 3 times in a row fast).


11. The shore

Did you know that there is only a handful of cities on this planet which aren’t located on a river? Almost all cities have some sort of a shore, whether that’s a river bank or the seaside, people are drawn to bodies of water as a place of residence. Snap the place where water and earth meet and show us your city’s river!


12. One word that describes my Erasmus so far

Being on Erasmus is a feeling, it is something that is almost impossible to capture with words. But give it a try.


Show us your Serbian spring and help developed an intercultural dialogue about what it’s like to be a foreigner in one of our Erasmus+ host cities.


Nađa Jovičin